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  1. My dad gave me a very large Monique on a wood frame back in the 60s. I still have it. This same Monique is in an episode of the DICK VAN DIKE SHOW. You can clearly see the painting of Monique in the episode that has DICKS brother in it. It is hanging on a wall in a café in the episode. I thought you might find that interesting. When my Monique painting was hanging on my wall as a child I always felt like her big eyes were following me. It is a beautiful and very hard to find piece of Art.

    1. YES! I’ve tracked the episode down and there she is on the back wall! Thank you so much for commenting with this. Do you still have your Monique? I’ve just done another search and see there are actually a few available now, albeit somewhat pricey, but when I first wrote this she was hard to track down at all. I doubt my post had anything to do with that, but I’m glad Montini is getting some exposure now.

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